Innes lost 40lbs

Across 12 months, Innes lost 40lbs all while managing a challenging job and a busy family life with a young son and a baby on the way.

“I’ve done something that I never believed was possible. I personally feel so much better about myself in terms of appearance, fitness and self-esteem. Having people comment on my weight loss and what I have done to achieve it is a great compliment.

Jamie is a top lad and I owe him a lot for all his time, patience and support during my journey. He listens, pushes, supports and showed a genuine interest in me and my goal from day 1 and was fully committed to helping me achieve it.

At times when I doubted myself and things were not going to plan he never once doubted me and kept on driving me along. We had good days, bad days, laughter, tears (yes, really) and most importantly fun during the whole journey along with some really bad gym music choices but I would not change a thing.”