I understand – it is a big commitment that requires consideration. I have a wealth of experience working with complete beginners up to advanced gym-goers. I offer everyone a free consultation (link to free consultation) so you can visit the gym and have a chat with me to help you decide if this is right for you. Also, we have group training  options if you’d like to train with a familiar face.

That’s what I’m here for. This is a 2-way relationship – you are in control.  I’ll never ask you to do something you are not comfortable with, but I’ll also never ask you to do something I know you aren’t capable of.

I understand my prices are higher than the average trainer, but my experience and qualifications are likely higher than anyone charging less. Personal Training has been my full-time job for 10 years, I estimate I have spent close to 10’000 hours working with people on their health and well-being. I have also invested a huge amount of time, effort, and money into my continued professional development – I have certification in biomechanics, nutritional science, and counselling.

Gym’s aren’t typically very nice environments. All our personal training sessions are delivered in our private studio either 1-1 or, if you decide to do group training, up to 3 people. You won’t be training alongside anyone unfamiliar.

I have an assessment process that will help identify any limitations and we can adapt our training around that. Further, we have a team of health professionals  attached to the gym in case there was anything you would like reassurance on.

I hear you. For the record, I’m not a salesman, I’m not going to try and sell you something you have decided you can’t afford, but it’s worth arranging a consultation. I have various packages available – ranging from 3 sessions per week down to 1 session a month with a programme for you complete on your own. We’ll find something that suits your budget.